Swine Flu and Twitter are two hottest topics not only on the internet, but on many other mediums as well “How to use Twitter for business use,” you may find this topic quite soon in school books.  Oprah influence caused nearly 40 percent increase in its new users just after a week of her appearance.

Almost all big players have eyes on it, as an acquisition offer from the internet giant Google has just been rejected by Evan Williams, the CEO of the company. And now there are rumors that Apple also looking to get the rapidly growing site.

According to a reliable source, “Apple is in final stage talks to buyout Twitter and it is expected that the company would announce that at WWDC next month.

The source also told that $700m in cash will be the price to buyout the site. While on the other hand, some other sources say that they don’t know anything about such a deal and if such sort of discussion is taking place between the two parties, they both are trying to keep it quite underground.

When it comes to the other partner (Twitter) of this expected deal, it has often issued signals that it’s not willing to accept any such offer at any price right now. Twitter has problems in generating revenues and if the company still wants to stay independent even considering these problems, it’s, indeed, a nice thing.

Source: Twitter Mania: Google Got Shut Down. Apple Rumors Heat Up.