Apple has decided to make the Mac OS X make better utilizations of the chips and in this regards has made significant improvements in the software developed for this edition of Mac. This news are out on Apple Worldwide Developer Conference where Bertland Serlet, vice-president of software engineering group spoke to the media about a new technology called Grand Central Dispatch that makes better used of the multicore processors and graphic processors in chips.

The usage of chips in developing high speed systems has proved great that it has increased the clock speeds to great extent. But the problem with these is that these chips tend to become idle most of the time as memory cycles could not meet this speed.

Now that multicore processors are come into picture, it can prove effective only when the software uses multi threaded programming performing more than one job at a time. This multi threaded programming is being aimed in Grand Central Dispatch. Mac OS X has also has support for GPGPU – General Purpose Graphical Processing Unit that makes the graphical chip to perform some additional processing than normal graphical display.