It has been finally announced by Apple that iPhone will be coming with MMS support for the latest update to the firmware, iPhone 3.0. This announcement packs a lot of facilities like sending or receiving photos over a network.

Also sharing details of contacts, audio files and your location will be allowed if you enjoy playing games with a ‘guest’. Quite remarkably, these functions can be added to the device, facilitating you to add picture to your gallery if you receive a picture message from an unknown person.

The user can also add the unknown to the contact book right away.

With the 3.0 iPhone support, users now can search across multiple applications, which provide more convenience than 2.0firmware. The 2.0firmware provided the ability to search in contacts. Indeed it means that you are allowed to look for Mail on your iPhone. You can also search your mail on a server as well. This can also be done on a Calendar, or even in your iPod library, a la iTunes on a PC.

The user can group together all these search functions in a home screen called Spotlight visible on the left of the regular home screen and will be easily accessed by clicking left. This will be an efficiently quick way to reach a certain destination, especially if your phone abounds in applications.

There are a few noticeable physical changes too like QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode. Also there, an In-App Purchase option for the new firmware, allowing quick purchases of application’s upgrades by receiving prompts.

For gaming applications, iPhone 3.0 also supports P2P connectivity but it is only over Bluetooth.  Also iPhone 3.0 has enhanced SDK, Google Maps App to be used as public API, and A2DP stereo Bluetooth.

It is also learnt that the new iPhone 3.0 firmware update will be available in summer, free to all iPhone customers, whereas iPod touch users will have to pay £7 to get the upgrade.