Apple started test production of iPhone 14 smartphones

Apple has begun test production of the iPhone 14 smartphones. This was reported by the Taiwan Economic Daily resource. Test production is necessary for debugging the processes of mass production of devices.

At the same time, the Chinese company Luxshare Precision has not yet received any orders. However, it intends to get an order for the production of iPhone 14 this year. The industry expects this company to become the second largest contract manufacturer of iPhones this year. Right now, Foxconn produces the bulk of Apple's smartphones.

Typically, orders for trial production of the devices are received by contract manufacturers in late February each year. After receiving the order, the manufacturer begins setting up production lines and purchasing components for the devices. Also in the process of test production there is an opportunity to find flaws in the manufacturing process and fix them. And only after that does the contract manufacturer begin the transition to mass production of the product.


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