On Wednesday, Apple’s executives Peter Oppenheimer and Tim Cook acknowledged that the current times are really quite crucial for consumer electronics makers, but they didn’t cast any doubt regarding Apple’s capabilities to uphold the current wave of worldwide recession.

The company beat the analysts’ predictions by posting record profit and revenue during its first financial quarter that was mainly due more-than-expected sales of iPod and Mac.


Will it last? It is, indeed, quite difficult to say as only some can predict about the economy’s new turns during 2009. But it’s a fact that Apple boosted it financial standing at the time that is being considered as the worst shopping season during holidays.


It impressed investors that the company could do well even in the worst economic conditions. After the results, Apple shares saw 9% rise in after hours trading.

Apple reported that their new notebooks got nice response from customers and saw a 33% increase in sales for the same period last year. But in the US, their Mac could grow only 2% and overall desktop sales dropped to 25%.

But the 16% international growth made the real difference in getting these sound results. It is being expected that new addition in an aged iMac design would help to boost the sales of the company during this year.