Apple teams up with Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft to improve browser compatibility

Apple is working with Google, Microsoft and Mozilla in a new effort to improve the compatibility and usability of their Web browsers.

The group is working on a new test, called Interop 2022, that will "improve the web development experience in 15 key areas. Along with the browser makers, the Bocoup and Igalia software consultant groups have joined the effort.

Internet Browsers

All four browser vendors have agreed to focus on 15 areas, which will include cascading layers, CSS color spaces and color functions, new browsing units, scrolling and more. The project will focus on the four browsers involved: Safari , Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

"For the first time, all major browser vendors and other stakeholders are coming together to address major browser compatibility issues identified by web developers," the group said in a blog post.

The ultimate goal is for Web applications to look and function the same across different Web browsers, which is currently not the case. All of the goals are also design-oriented, which means that browsers have an incentive to participate alongside their competitors.

"All of these technologies are important to Apple and to everyone working on WebKit. We care deeply about the workability of the Web and compatible implementations of Web standards," Apple said in a statement. "We welcome working with our colleagues at many Web standards organizations and at Interop 2022 to make the Internet as interoperable as possible."

This isn't the first time browser makers have teamed up for such an effort. Back in 2021, they also partnered on Combat 2021, which "has made great progress." However, Interop 2022 blog posts noted that "there is still room for improvement."




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