Apple to release entry-level MacBook Pro with M2 chip in 2022

It could replace the 13-inch model based on the M1.

After releasing its flagship MacBook Pro in October, Apple has begun work on an entry-level MacBook Pro to replace the 13-inch M1-based model, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in a Power On newsletter.

Macbook m2

According to the reviewer, to make the device more affordable, the company has made a number of technical compromises: reduced the screen diagonal, abandoned support for ProMotion (120 Hz) and reduced the amount of memory.

Nevertheless, the laptop for the first time will get a proprietary M2 processor, which went into production. According to Gurman, it outperforms the base M1 in terms of processing power, but lags behind the M1 Pro and M1 Max.


It is noted that such chip will equip not only the MacBook Pro, but also the updated MacBook Air, Mac mini and 24-inch iMac. Earlier Bloomberg revealed a list of devices that Apple plans to introduce in 2022.

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