apple_ipod_watch.jpgApple co-founder Steve Wozniak admits in an interview that the popularity of iPod was wavering and Apple’s future might be in timepieces.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Wozniak explained about his fears saying that the iPod had run its course and now it’s time for timepieces.

“Transistor radios and Walkmans were quite popular in the past and then the time came when new inventions began to replace them. Similarly, many other devices live a short or long life and then die out”

“So, it’s not only the iPod that is getting the death-knell treatment. You would also find the same sort of death-knell treatments for many other devices in the whole computer industry particularly in these credit-crunching days,” Wozniak added.


When it was asked what Wozniak thought about the future of Apple products, he said: “Nobody, not even Steve Jobs can tell what the future holds for the company .However, he hinted that Steve Jobs had said that company would be investing in the in the watch called ‘iWatch’.


Though Wozniak doesn’t provide details, the common idea is that Apple will try to revitalize the watch market in a quite interesting prospect.



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