Apple iPhone was launched as phone that took the paradigm of mobile technology to a new level. The phone was a cult and took the definition of advancements in phone beyond adding pixels to the camera and increasing RAM for gaming, rather the chic handset carried sophisticated look and clubbed it with a musical and video watching feel. There was a bad news awaiting iPhone lovers, this phone is also susceptible to overheating of batteries. There have been reports of Iphone cracking up on heating on unlocking or while in the process of being unlocked. The replacements can be an expensive affair so there a few advices doing rounds to make your tangy phone’s support system last a bit longer as generally the problem can be due to faulty motherboard.

If you use a carrying case for your iPhone, charging the phone while it’s in that case may cause extra heat than is expected to keep your phone in pink of its health. Overheating is bad for both battery capacity and battery life, so if your iPhone gets a little toasty when you charge it in its case, take it out of the case before you charge it.

Wi-Fi soaks up power even when you’re not putting it in use, so turn it off when not in use. Tap Settings on the Home screen, then tap General, Network, Wi-Fi, and then tap the On/Off switch if necessary to turn off Wi-Fi.

Activating the auto brightness of the phone can be helpful for the phone to adjust the brightness according to the conditions around and this may lead to lesser consumption of battery so if there are any chances of the battery getting zonked off , the chances may get reduced by this. Turning on EQ when you listen to music can enhance the sound quality and make it sound better, but it also consumes more processing power. Turning off EQ will help your battery last longer, as processing powers strains the battery the most and any cranking is resultant of this. According to Apple, a properly maintained iPhone battery will hold up to 80 percent of its original capacity after 400 full charge and discharge cycles

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