Approved HBM3 video memory standard with up to 819 GB/s bandwidth

JEDEC, a global leader in developing standards for the microelectronics industry, has announced the publication of the next version of its high bandwidth memory standard: HBM3.

Designed for use in the next generation of graphics cards, gas pedals and similar high-performance products, HBM3 offers incredible gains over its HBM2 and HBM2e predecessors - higher bandwidth and more independent channels. The new memory offers data transfer speeds of up to 6.4 GBit/s per pin, 819 GBit/s throughput per device and up to 64 GB capacity per module.

The number of independent channels is increased from 8 to 16, and together with virtual channels, each chip supports 32 channels. HBM3 can be stacked in 4-, 9- and 12-layer stacks, and in the future can be expanded to a 16-layer stack to achieve a single chip capacity of 64 GB. HBM3 uses two operating voltages of 0.4V and 1.1V to improve power efficiency.

It is expected that the first commercial solutions with the new chips will be professional graphics gas pedals with 16 GB of video memory.

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