The first Eee was really a trendsetter in disposable computing, as there was nothing like it at that time.

It seemed to do everything that you really needed or could expect on your moves. After its release, we saw innumerable copycats and re-iterations that added little in real features and a lot in price.

They were not other makers alone as Asus itself brought many iterations of that masterpiece and the latest addition can be called a real addition in its Eee line.  There is no apparent difference between the Asus 1000HE and its somewhat cheaper 1000H brand, except the battery life.


According to Asus, with its longer battery life, you can easily perform all your computing chores the whole day long without much fuss. Well, this whole day long computing is just a sort of marketing spin or real, it may depend on the way you use it.

It’s possible that you may be able to use for the whole day long, but with dark screen, off wireless capabilities and without the use of hard disk, CPU or memory in the end. If it is so, then what the use of boasted battery life and isn’t it better not to use at all instead of using it in such conditions.

However, on regular usage and frequent re-boosting during the day, it seemed to get over seven hours smooth running with odd video and even wireless use and in this run we found it as awesome as Samsung NC10.

Aside from improved battery life, the keyboard is another major change in the Asus Eee PC 1000. Its flat key and other features are quite similar to what we have seen in the MacBook.

The 1000HE features the N280 Atom processor again and has a 1024×600 resolution screen, all the latest Eees have been given up the SSD, so it has all the storage that you often require on your move.

If you are on budget and looking for a netbook that can go smartly with your whole day long computing chores, no option can be better than this one.