asus_logoAsus, Europe’s 3rd biggest notebook brand after HP and Acer, has introduced a new Eee PC brand at the Cebit 2009, in Hanover, Germany. This new Eee Pc is a Dual Touchscreen Flipbook PC, which is likely to be appreciated worldwide.

This innovative idea from Asus is still in its early concept stage. It has not been announced yet when do the manufacturers plan to introduce it in the market.  It is a Community Designed PC, possessing two touch screen panels, made as a flipbook.

It is created to be used as a laptop, an e-book reader and a multimedia center.

The flipbook can be used as a laptop when flipped in a notebook position. One among the two screens can be used as a display, while the other one can transform into an on-screen keyboard and a touch-pad. If user requires more space, the virtual keyboard may be stretched across both screens.


When used as an e-book reader, it is to be held like an opened book, both screens showing the pages, exactly like a hard cover book. Mere gestures of the user flip pages, making it none less than a real book reading experience!

Also, the device can be used a multimedia hub, where both the screens can be combined and joined together to enjoy wider and better display. Thus, the new Dual Touch screen Flipbook PC by Asus provides its users with a wide range of functionality.


Though, the new technical gadget lacks an option of connecting to a keyboard, its other qualities over shadow this discrepancy.

Asus has grown quite rapidly over the past decade. Eee PC brand has acted as a catalyst in company’s expansion. Dual Touchscreen Flipbook PC seems to have the potential to further increase in its manufacturers’ growth.

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