We have already seen the N10 from Asus well-known N-series and the company has come with its new N80VC.

The N10 was a compact small netbook and this time the Taiwanese company has brought forth a big and specific laptop.

The style is quite similar in all this range in which shiny black and brown plastic have been used that gives it a straightforward and attractive look.

The N80VC has a 14.1-inch display and it weighs just 2.6kg that makes it quite easy to handle for daily use.

It has a 1280×800 pix screen resolution that makes it quite easier to fit more than a few windows onscreen. You may find its sleek finish highly reflective in the sunlight, but it’s not a big issue for many.

It features NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS graphics card that makes carrying everyday task easy and one doesn’t have to face any difficulty to edit photographs or run presentations. It will also allow you to play old games in your free time.

Many of us wouldn’t find its keyboard quite impressive or to be more precise it is somewhat disappointing.  You find typing quite a bad experience when working on its large enough keys. However, its touchpad is quite impressive and offers a good response with a friction-free surface.

It houses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor that has been supported by 3072MB of memory. It makes N80 quite powerful to run things like Vista Home Premium with much ease. When it comes to battery life, it is average and runs around three hrs. You can store a lot of stuff in its 320GB hard disk.

It offers quite impressive connectivity and provides five USB ports to plug in your different peripherals. It also has HDMI and VGA interfaces that enable it to connect external display.

Apart from its keyboard, the Asus N80VC is, undoubtedly, an impressive and well specified machine.

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