AYN to release Loki handheld console based on Alder Lake and Ryzen 6000 starting at $299

The Chinese company AYN, which last year released a portable gaming console Odin based on Android, is preparing to release a new console called AYN Loki. This time the "portable" will be equipped with Intel Alder Lake or AMD Ryzen 6000 processors. It will use Windows as the operating system.

Image source: AYN

The manufacturer calls the Loki "the most affordable Windows-based handheld gaming console." The console will come in five different configurations. The most affordable, the Loki Mini, powered by the Intel Alder Lake chip, will be offered for $299. However, AYN does not specify which processor it will use. The console will also get a 64GB drive.

More expensive versions, Loki and Loki Max, will be offered with AMD Ryzen processors on the Zen 3+ architecture and with integrated RDNA 2 graphics. It is very likely that we are talking about chips Ryzen 6000U series, which, for example, is also equipped with a portable console AyaNeo 2.

Image source: AYN

The AMD-version of the console AYN Loki with 64 GB of storage will be priced at $499. The 256GB version will get a price tag of $599 and the 512GB variant will get $699. The Loki Max console, which apparently got either a more powerful Ryzen 6000U series processor or a better display, will be offered for $799.

The previous AYN Odin handheld console is offered based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and MediaTek Dimensity 1000C single-chip platforms, and runs Android. It debuted on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. It is very likely that the launch strategy of AYN Loki will be similar.

By the way, Valve's Steam Deck, priced from $349, also runs on an AMD processor (Zen 2 + RDNA 2). Red's chips have been getting a lot of attention from portable gaming manufacturers lately.

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