GoogleAbout 5 million students are going to the Google way of educating themselves with the summer being gone and it is time to be back to school. This season, there are students using Google Apps Education Edition that gives them advanced ways of staying ahead with their educational pursuits.

This application is now being used for over 145 countries and even on campus with their active participation in school as well as outside materials. The number of students using this application has escalated by 400% and more schools keep signing up for this new way of advancement of learning.

As more and more schools come over for the sign up the provisions, tips, tricks and extensions are even extended through community forums, knowing, exchanging and sharing of knowledge. These discussion forums are all fun and bring about a lot of new ideas for students. In fact this fall is going to be something extraordinary with so many people using Google application.

There is an interactive map that one can work with in the Google Application facilitation site map. These are jam packed with interesting trivia as well as new things to learn. Above the 70, 000 pupils using this application there are university staff and teachers who are staying abreast with the application.

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