BBC HD downloads to be available at iTunes Store

Now soon, you will be able to download your favourite HD versions of BBC shows from the Apple iTunes Store.

Though BBC has not yet announced this link-up from Apple, some spy kids at CNET have got some information about this coming service.

According to a BBC spokesperson, “BBC will soon release some High Definition titles on Apple’s iTunes Stores in UK and more information in this connection will be released in the next few weeks.”

You can already find BBC standard definition content on iTunes, but with the advent of this new service you will also download BBC HD content from iTunes store.

The HD race has just started and we will have to wait and see whether Apple iTunes service to surpass iPlayer in this race or not?

Anthony Rose, who is digital media head at BBC, told in an interview that iPlayer would soon get HD content and aside from HD,

we would also introduce high bitrate streaming as well as pre-booking, and it doesn’t end here the biggest thing would that you and your friend would soon share whatever you watch.

So, let’s see what comes next, all we can do is wait and see.

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