Don’t give out your mobile phone number carelessly anymore, as your phone can be hijacked remotely just by sending SMS messages, a mobile security firm warns. According to Trust Digital, someone with precise toolkits and expertise can hijack your cell phone

This attack is quite effective when some victim is asleep and that’s why it has been named as “Midnight Raid Attack.”

Dan Dearing, Trust Digital marketing vice president, says: “This text message starts up a web browser that leads your phone to an infected Website where an executable file is downloaded on your phone to steal off data from it.”

How does it work, it has been demonstrated in a YouTube video.

Similarly, in another kind of attack, your cell phone can be hijacked by sending a control message on the GSM network. This attack has also been explained in another video on YouTube.

Dearing says that these kinds of attacks are proof-of-concepts right now, but if someone has toolkits and required skills, they can be launched easily. Trust Digital has also announced software dubbed EMM 8.0 that will be quite helpful for organizations to protect their employees’ cell phones against such attacks.

“It’s utterly a serious threat, and we will have to face such sorts of attacks in near future,” says Philippe Winthrop, a director in the global wireless practice at Strategy Analytics.