Peace of soul

To practice plant, is the most symbolic work. It shows the nature of man which reflects the beauty of his conscious and unconsciousness. It attracts the mind into peaceful soul. That is the Lythrum salicaria practice plant which shows the aesthetic and peaceful sensibility of human beings towards the nature.


Beautiful mind

To practice plant is the beauty of mind. Those who do have the universality and love with the greenery, they can only do this job. That is the Rubus chamaemorus beauty. It shows the beautiful minds of people who love the practice planting.

Virtualistic symbol

To practice the Angelica sylvestris plant is the most symbolic features of the plants. That shows the inner fate of a man. It enhances the chances of power, fame and success.

Tongue of love and sweet

The Lamium album is the kind of plant practicing which shows the sweet language of the human beings. This job can only be done by those who have the tenderness in form of bravery.

Symbol of holiness

To practice Polystichum lonchitis planting is the symbol of holiness. That is the influential job which shows the person’s saintliness. Such kind of plant practicing would show the cultural religiosity too. That is the sign of ritual and ceremony.

Symbol of health and rehabilitation

The practice of plant is the art of health and rehabilitation. That is the Senecio vulgaris plant. The cure take would often such kind of green fern in form of dangerous disease. Moreover the Viscum album fern is used as a cure of all diseases. That is the cancer, breathing disorder, depression and obesity, blood pressure and diabetes etc.

Symbol of futuristic shelter

The plant practicing is also the symbol of futuristic sheltering. That is the practice plant of Oxalis acetosella. The people would use such kind of herbal beauty in way of maintain their home.


Perfuming symbol

To practice the plant is the most charming job. That is the fragrance of a plant. It can be the plant of Lotus corniculata which makes a person great feeling while seeing the greenery really.

Symbol of romance and sex

The plant practicing is the symbol of feeling, beauty, sex and romance. That is the Armeria maritime plant practicing. This kind of plant often comes into seeing during the seashore area where the cool breeze shows the heavenly feelings of the people.

Life time companion

Last but not to the least, the plants are the companion of sorrow and happiness. That is the Cupressus sempervirens. If a man is in grief and pain then he often practices the plants of soreness. That is the friend of him or her during the time of troubles. Most of the people feel the plants as their close companion.

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