Beijing may become the world’s largest Wi-Fi city in 2011

A report says that Beijing will be the world’s largest Wi-Fi city by the end of 2011.

People who live in the Chinese capital will be able to access Wi-Fi for free no matter whether they live in the main areas of the city or the surrounding districts.

The report came from the Wireless City summit 2008, where Beijing’s Information Technology Office Deputy Director Zhang Yu announced his Wi-Fi plans for the city.

The central business district of Beijing was basically allocated for this year, but a lot of people deprived of logging on due to poor signal.

Currently the city has many spots for free Wi-Fi including Tsinghua University that is one of the top universities in Beijing.

There are many other pilot schemes under way that to cover Chongwen, Chaoyang, Daxing, Xuanwu and Pinggu, but still it would take almost two years to cover all the areas of Beijing.

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