MP3 Players

2008 was a great year to explore new gadgets and work among electronic gadgets. There were many revolutionary gadgets being released and used last year. There have been several tough competitions going skin against skin with several gadget companies. Mostly MP3 players have been cheap and easy with all the expenses being maneuvered even with the extremely stylish and well manufactured models.

The market has been flooded with MP3 players that are of varied kinds and thus not really easy to choose from. For receiving 100% satisfaction one has to keep on experimenting with new kinds but the price is also a concern. Hopefully last year brought many cheap options for music lovers. An expensive MP3 player did not necessarily give you quality guarantee.

There had to be several things like quality, durability, battery life as well as the clarity of the sound. All these features come about to make a great MP3 player and the missing links could fade away bringing you a bad taste in case of lower priced ones. Here are the top 5 ones that should rock your world for now:



If you are tired of your old MP3 Player you should be able to have fun with the new Zune. There is something really noticeable and worthwhile when playing around with the Zune digital MP3.

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It is supportive of WMA, MP3 as well as AAC. These are the best options for anyone to listen to music through their iPod and this incredible engineering masterpiece makes it possible for you to enjoy it all and with easy. From video streaming to audio quality, it is fairly easy to have access to all the great stuff that you would want on an iPod.

Cowon iAudio D2:

This multipurpose iAudio D2 MP3 Player is all you could be asking for in terms of quality. It is a cool gadget for your listening pleasure bringing much pleasure to its wide range of users. It is compact and yet brings you excellent video quality.

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It has multipurpose port media and supports QVGA as well as the 30 fps for video as well as media files. There is another cool feature that is unique with iAudio as well as D2 with its output units being able to give you great digital quality. There is also the digital quality radio option to enjoy.

Sony NWZ S738F Walkman:

This NWZS738F MP3 Player Walkman brings you excellent sound quality as well as a great battery back up extension. There is 40 hours of consistent music to be played in the background without additional charging. Anyone is going to be really satisfied with this gadget.

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It is a neat little piece of great technological work. It is of top notch quality and gives you extremely precise physical buttons that you find easy to control. There is a greater sense of control involved with physical button applications than with touch screen. There is also a built in radio coming with it.

SanDisk Sansa Clip:

This is a Clip MP3 player. This Clip will really entertain and surprise you with its excellent taste and great sound quality. It comes with a 4” USB. There won’t be a jamboree of accessories but enough to get you through the day.

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It satisfies you with its excellent sound quality and it also comes with a scratch proof body for greater purposes and simplicity. It is really great to use this phone due to its OLED screen that keeps it simple and easy to play around with it.

Apple iPod Touch:

This is the 2nd generation MP3 Player that has been ruling the market since last year. There is a revolution being created through Apple players which favor users to make widely reviewed gurus of music to go for this multitouch great thing.


It is one of those mega entertainment tools that bring you a lot to do. There is WiFi and a lot more of great things to get you through! From photos to web images, videos, etc. you will be able to get access to everything.