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Best 5HDTVsGone are the days when analog TVs ruled the airwaves. The advent of HDTVs has brought a major change in the world of television. Do not get caught buying anything less than a High Definition TV (HDTV) this season as they are all the rage. HDTVs are the most common and popular digital televisions in the market. They are capable of displaying HDTV signals, standard TV as well as progressive-scan DVD. Most of the TVs with rear-projections, plasma or LCD are HDTVs.

Most of them come with an inbuilt tuner for clear reception although some – HDTV monitors – do not have these inbuilt tuners. They rely on external tuners for functionality but their basic mode of operation is similar to HDTVs. It is always advisable to go for the best HDTV there is in the market because these are not buy-and-dump accessories as they cost quite an amount! Here are the best 5 HDTVs available in the market.

Samsung LNB750 Series

Samsung LNB750 series use LED-based LCD displays and have processing power of 240Hz. This HDTV has the best picture-quality, with a dense black-level performance. It      has no allure of color whatsoever except for a translucent blue shade along the bottom of the frame which is very subtle. It stands on a slick glass base and a transparent swiveling stalk, which gives it the look of a floating panel.

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The most prominent features include Auto Motion Plus dejudder processing which is custom-set to enable you to tweak blur reduction and judder. Addition of Yahoo Widgets makes it easy to stream videos, photos and music from both its USB ports and DLNA-certified devices. Samsung LNB750 is power efficient, using only 129 watts after calibration and equalizing light output. It comes only second after the Sharp LC-52D64U and beats two of Sony’s KDL series.

Samsung HL61A750

HL61A750 is the leading rear projection HDTV model. It is the best in picture optimization and connectivity. It has excellent performance and is packed with diverse features which bring this 61-inch giant to life: and with 1080 screen resolution, no model comes near it.

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Not even the Mitsubishi WD-65735 can beat it! This HDTV model has good color accuracy and white field uniformity compared to other HDTVs. Its Video processing mechanism is also excellent.

Panasonic TC-PG10

This carries the day for the best picture quality in the flat-panel HDTV category.  Its best feature is THX Display Certification. This is a unique interactive TV player which controls nearly all the aspects of picture quality with one reset such that one does not need to keep adjusting different functions.

Another outstanding feature is the VieraCast through which one has access to photos and videos on YouTube, the stock market and lots of other information. It also has an Ethernet port which enables internet connectivity. Energy consumption is moderate. This is made possible through the use of NEO PDP power-saving chops. On this is an ECO menu which allows only commands for automatic turn-offs. The Panasonic TC-PG10 compares and is thought to only compare the equally impressive Pioneer Elite Kuro. It is available in five aspect ratio categories.

Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD

The leading brand in flat-panel plasma TVs, the Pioneer Elite is grand in its 50-inch screen size and cool in its unique black levels. The huge speakers on the side are removable, just like the stand, giving you the freedom to enjoy different designs of the same product.

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One accessory that is different from the rest of the HDTV models is the remote, whose live TV image is squeezed in a small window in the middle-left sector and not all over the top like in all other HDTV makes’ remotes. It has excellent picture quality, the best among all other HDTVs and offers extra video features unavailable elsewhere.

Sony BraviasKDL-55XBR8

This is another flat-panel series which comes in a 55-inch screen. Gives amazing black levels, the deepest levels of black and color accuracy. It has huge black speakers which can be substituted for gold, red, silver or brown to break the monotony of black. It is the second to use LEDS for lighting after the Samsung HL61A750.

It gives the choice of four picture presets and great video processing as well. Connectivity is also superior with the Sony BraviaKDL-55XBR8.

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