Best paid freelance jobs in 2021

During the past few years, there has been a huge increase in demand when it comes to freelance work. Many find that freelancing gives them the freedom that working for a big company can’t provide. The flexible work hours are undoubtedly the most drastic change: you can make your schedule and choose the time you are feeling most energetic and productive for work. After all, you know your body the best!

On top of that, studies have found that freelancers doing the same job as employees get paid more on average, which is a big plus.

However,  sometimes searching for freelance jobs near me isn’t good enough, so we’re here to help you: we bring you the most popular freelance jobs to find what suits you best!

Web designer

The web designer’s job is to plan, create and write the code for websites and their web pages. You have to be extremely skilled in coding, have an eye for aesthetics, and know-how to communicate what works with your client while still listening to their propositions. The outcome has to work flawlessly with the company’s image and has to be extremely user-friendly. When you’re done with all of this, you also need to keep the websites updated when requested to do so, create backup files, and more. It is a highly paid job, and you won’t have an issue finding clients.

Social media specialist

With the rise of social media in recent years, companies have shifted their focus to applications like Instagram and Facebook. It is the easiest and most effective way of advertising their products. However, this means that they need someone who understands social media and is willing to create content for their platforms. That is exactly what a social media specialist does. Building a social media presence and a following for a company can be difficult, and that’s why they need someone knowledgeable to do it.

Graphic designer

A graphic designer’s job is to develop specific visual concepts for their clients. Their designs are used for advertisement purposes, magazines, applications, and much more. It is crucial to build a certain aesthetic for a company, especially in this attention-grabbing world we currently live in. The designs need to be original and aesthetically pleasing, and there aren’t many people who have the gift to do this professionally.

Computer programmer

If your expertise is computer programming, you can easily find work as a freelancer. You will typically sign a contract with a company you work for to get a certain job done. You can work on developing applications, upgrading computer software, and many more. You need to ensure you are providing the best solutions to your client while fully covering their needs.


If you have some spare time and good knowledge of a certain subject you could try tutoring. Depending on your expertise, tutoring can be paid very well. You will need to work with loads of students with different needs and teach them the subject you’re good at. This takes a lot of patience, and you have to be very well versed in working with kids (although you could also tutor students or older people). Plan activities and classes to help your students make progress and acquire the knowledge they need.


Accountants keep records of their clients transactions, financial documents, etc. You need to ensure your clients’ books are sorted, so they have an organized overview of their finances. This job is mostly done on a contract basis with various people, businesses, or even organizations. What’s amazing is that there is a lot of work for accountants right now, and finding clients won’t be an issue.


We recommend working with individual clients, organizations, and businesses that require content for their books, commercial, and more for those if you are more creative and have a talent for writing. You will find yourself writing news articles, various texts for websites, descriptions of products, etc. It is also an amazing way to work on your writing further and refine your skills.

Financial consultant

As a financial consultant, you will have to evaluate your clients’ finances to get all of the information to give proper advice to your client. Your job is to help clients be responsible with their money, help them pay off debt, plan for their retirement and even advise them when it comes to investing. It is a big responsibility, but it also pays well because of that.


These are one of the freelance jobs that aren’t as flexible as, let’s say, work you do on your computer. You will need to meet with clients and travel to photoshoot locations to satisfy their needs fully. The only thing you truly need is a good portfolio and skills in operating a camera. All sorts of businesses need photographers and especially videographers for their advertisement since it is important for the commercials to be attractive because it directly correlates with sales. If you aren’t keen on working with someone, you can also take your pictures and sell them on stock photography websites.

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