Bill Gates Joins Twitter, Explored!

Bill Gates Joins Twitter

Bill GatesThe Chairman Microsoft, Bill Gates has recently joined Twitter with a two word “hello world” bawl at Ryan Seacrest. Bill Gates, the World’s wealthiest man, finally started wasted time with the most time waster in the world in a communal network site, where hundreds and thousands of users reporting around 140 words.

This Tuesday, he opened up his account on Twitter by tweeting “Hello World” it was referred to his nonprofit organization which is also the biggest in the world. Later on it was re-confirmed by the office that yes, it was the real Bill Gates, but the official was unable to provide more information about him or his activities he has decided to share on Twitter.  It was in the notice of some other company’s officials too, but again, didn’t feel talking further on this subject and declined to provide any related information with the media.

Gates was in touch with the Seacrest, Kutcher and followed Ashley Tisdale and Queen Rania of Jordon on Twitter. The users can now update themselves by logging him on the Twitter’s website. Gates joined a news of an Iranian student, and it flourished the Twitters community, by making over 70’000 followers only in six hours time in one day, which is second in record.

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