BlackBerry OS smartphones stopped working

Old BlackBerry phones have officially stopped working around the world since January 4. The company behind the legendary black phones with QWERTY keyboards began to shut down the servers that support the BlackBerry OS.

Devices running the BlackBerry OS and PlayBook OS will lose access to BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Password Keeper, BlackBerry ID, device-to-device messaging, hosted email addresses and almost all other features that depended on BlackBerry servers after Jan. 4.

Phone calls, SMS and even the 911 emergency call will also cease to function. Users will also not be able to access the Internet via Wi-Fi or their carrier's mobile networks. Nevertheless, new BlackBerry devices running Android software (KeyOne, Key2 and Key2 LE) will still work.

It's worth recalling that at its peak in 2009, BlackBerry owned 20% of the global smartphone market. Once owning a device from BlackBerry was considered a status symbol among politicians and businessmen. But in the early 2010s, BlackBerry devices overtook touch-screen smartphones such as the iPhone.

BlackBerry launched the last version of its operating system in 2013, and in 2016 the company stopped producing its own smartphones. For now, the Canadian manufacturer is in the cybersecurity business. In 2020, the company had about $1 billion in revenue.

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