The BlackBerry storm, from RIM, is ready to take the world by storm. As BlackBerry is quite well-known for it exceptional mobile email and web browsing, the Storm has been built on the same BlackBerry reputation.

It has a nice touchscreen user interface with a full virtual QWERTY Keypad.There is a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofoucus , a media player, GPS navigation, video recording, GPS navigation, 3G with HSPDA, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and 1GB built-in memory that can be expanded with a microSD card.

BlackBerry makers RIM have been chasing the mass market for the last two years.Though they include cameras, music players and even GPS navigation system onto their business smartphones, they couldn’t succeed to fully capture the mass market. Now with the BlackBerry Storm, they have really created a real mass market product.

After the release of Apple’s iPhone and iPhone 3G, almost all cell phone makers have been trying to produce an iPhone killer and now there is BlackBerry’s answer.


This is the first BlackBerry that has a touchscreen user interface that makes it a nice mass market product.

BlackBerry phones are popular for their mobile email and web browsing, and the Storm is not different from others. It allows you to easily enter text with a virtual keyboard .

BlackBerry Storm

Because of its support for attachments, power, ease of use and wide compatibility with all email protocols; it beats all other cellphone makers email systems.

BlackBerry Storm

It also features an attachment editor that allows you to edit word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the phone. Similarly, it provides the fastest possible download speeds on any phone with HSDPA that runs at 7.2Mbps.

A good camera and media player are somewhat essential to conquer the mass market and fortunately the Storm has both (Though Apple forgot that fact).

The camera has 3.2 megapixels resolution with autofocus and LED flash. It is the best camera phone around, but it takes reasonable pictures and quite good for print quality pictures.

The media player supports every common audio format and synchs with iTunes.

Almost all common audio format and synchs with iTunes are supported by its media player. The built-in memory is 1 GB and it can be expanded to a whopping 16GB with microSD memory cards it means you can store almost 4,000 MP3 tracks with it.

Another great feature of the Storm is its 3.5mm audio jack that allows you to connect any standard stereo headphones. This great feature is missing from many rival phones.

It has a built-in GPS and it has BlackBerry Maps, so you can easily find your way around. The combination works nice with the large touchscreen and makes it ideal for pedestrian use.

Its battery life is said to be 360 hours standby and 5.5 hours talk time and no doubt these are good figures for a touchscreen phone with so many features and applications.

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