With impressive fifteen buttons (wow!) Blizzard uncovers a dedicated World of Warcraft (WOW) gaming mouse.

Well, you believe it or not, but there are really fifteen buttons on this steel-sturdy device.

In greater London, World of Warcraft gamers are more than actual human population and only some of these actual human beings in Greater London area slay each other in their daily routine as it is shown in the WoW.

This new World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse from Blizzard promises that WoW players or to be more exact addicts will need not to bother fiddling around with a keyboard every time especially when they want to cast a spell or like to slaughter an elf with their shiny new sword.

The good thing about this WoW mouse is that it has macros for up to 160 characters with 130 pre-defined commands that can be dragged and dropped into the created macros.

If you like illuminated mouse with lights, this tiny gadget may blow your mind and its 16 million illumination choices.

More details?  Mind it! It’s a mouse and if you really love WoW , it’s available with the price tag of $99.