The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy at McMaster University in Ontario is the place where the world’s most powerful electron microscope is being installed.

This Titan 80-300 Cubed microscope has been developed with a cost of $15 million and it will help to observe thousands of every day products at nano resolution to find, improve and manipulate their efficiency.
Gianluigi Botton, who is professor of Materials Science and Engineering, says: “This microscope would serve as the Hubble Telescope, but to look at the atoms and molecules instead of star and galaxies.”


“Now we can identify atoms with much ease, measure their chemical state and probe the electrons to bind them together.”


Scientists believe that the Titan 80-300 will help to produce better solar electricity cells, higher density digital memory storage, new delivery mechanisms for anti-cancer drugs and naturally more effective cosmetics.


The microscope will be housed in a stable, specially designed facility to avoid noise, vibrations and little temperature fluctuations.


The nanotechnology researchers say that the results could be affected even someone breaths nest to it.

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