Canon HV30: A review

The HV30 from Canon is a suitable candidate to be contested with Sony’s recently released HDR-S11 camcorder. The thing you may find common in both of them is their price and variety of features.

They both have the ability to move footage directly in iMovie. However, these are formats were you can find the basic difference.

In MiniDV you would find a format of cassette tape that makes recording workable with HDV it means that will provide a lot better bit rate with least undesired artefacting and lower image compression than a SSD that is being used in AVCHD codec.

When it comes to MiniDV tapes, they are also quite switch-able and many times stronger than the usual hard drives.

The HV30 is, indeed, one of the most user-friendly cameras available these days. Its menu system doesn’t put you in any difficulty even for a moment and you would find each and every button quite self explanatory.

It is not as compact as the HDR-S11 and you may feel it quite chunky to hold and it’s mainly due to the bulging tape that you have under your palm when holding it, and so is its strap that is not breathable and you may find it sticky using on some hot day.

The HV30 also looks a lot similar to the previous year’s award winning camera the HV20. You may find that the only difference between these two is color, otherwise, it is quite difficult to differentiate them.

However, some small improvements have been made in it, as its zoom closure is quite solid and reactive than the previous one. But the power system, export options, menu systems, shape and size, lens and interface are still the same.

Its ½.7” CMOS sensor and DVII DIGIC processor have great imaging prowess ,as this is the similar paring that you can see the HV20 as well as in the HR10. When it comes to image stabilization, you would find it superb even when zooming full. The same is true about its still shots.

If are looking for a really nice camcorder, the Canon HV30 is the thing that can serve your purpose best, as it provides the a lot better quality image than many HDD models available with the similar price tags.

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