Canon unveils new small HD camcorders

With its new Legeria brand, Canon has just dialed down its new HD flash camcorders size and has upped the stakes.

The two tiny camcorders named Legria 200 and Legria 20 offer 1920X1080-pix full HD recording for flash memory.

The Legria 200 and Legria 20 have varius quite easy to use shooting features such as Pre REC, Face Detection, 3.3MP Full HD CMOS sensor, video Snapshot the DIGIC DV3.

There is a 15x lens that has optical image stabilization in front and it uses Instant AF system.

The HF20 can store stills and video in the available 32GB memory or SDHC card and the HF200 comes only with SDHC card.

Aside from Legria HF20 and HF200, the HF S10 and the Legeria HF S100 have also been announced. These HD cameras also have the similar features, but a new 8MP Full HD CMOS chip has also been added at the front of 10x zoom lens. An HDMI port, color key and Control Dial are some other included features.

In this Legria brand, Canon’s new Flash camcorders and hard drive have also been included.

Similarly in the HV40, there is a 2.96MP CMOS sensor, 25p progressive shooting, 10x zoom and a new Custom Key for better manual control. It also has a flash and LED video light with 2.7-inch screen.

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