Car-controlling function: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 makes you feel like James Bond

se-x1-04.gifSony Ericsson is, indeed, in the middle of a smartphone war at present, as it has released the Xperia X1 at the time when there are thousands of handsets around. However, the company has included some nice James Bond-like functions in its handset to help keeping its nose in front.

Now the company allows you to look quite cool and impress the ladies in cocktail dresses with a car control function to your handset.


With the help of this somewhat impressive functionality, you can open the boot, lock the car and turn on the lights inside as well as out.


Things don’t end here, as you can also enjoy this SE added functionality to adjust the seat without even sitting in it, but it may you look stupid to get you phone out to adjust the seat.


It has been uncovered at the Paris Motor Show and at present it is only part of new 9-X Air concept car from Saab. So, don’t be excited as it’ s still miles away to make you look like  Bond  in Tomorrow Never Dies who uses his phone to drive the car.




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