The release of its new Exilm camera, the EX-FH20, has been just announced by Casio.


The camera is quite speedier than the other available cameras with its capability of knocking out shots at 40fps and movies up to 1000fps that also gets slowed when making some ultra-slow-motion shooting.


It has a modest 9.1Mp sensor with 26mm wide-angle zoom lens and a muscular 20x optical zoom. It captures images at 7MP when you shoot in burst mode.


No doubt, a lot of emphasis is given on quick shots and that’s why there is an anti-shake function in the camera corrects blurred and out of focus images automatically.


The things don’t end here, as its high-speed film mode acts like a HD film mode and when it is taken down to 30fps, the image quality increases up to 1280×720 pixels.

This EX-FH20 will be available in October with a reasonable price tag of £399.

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