Cheers! Real iPhone 3G unlock emerges at last

New Year has begun and there are pledges all around, but aside from these pledges for giving up smoking and shed excess pounds, you would also find a really impressive iPhone 3G unlocking solution as well.

This time the Dev team has come up with its yellows0w that will make you iPhone 3G usable with other carriers.

Now only a 0.9 beta version has been released, but many users seem to report that they have succeeded to unlock their mobile phone.

However, some are still chanting that their handsets failed to locate the networks.

It doesn’t end here, as this unlock is also being confirmed to work with the new 2.2 version of the firmware update. So, people who are worried about bricking their iPhone 3G at once can rest easier.

But now it’s on you whether you like to take the risk or not, as the blog says that thins one is beta software and you can use it at your own risk.



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