Chevy Volt

Chevy VoltThe Chevy Volt has been announced 3 years before, and it seemed to be highly advanced with full new technologies, like other Chevy’s. it is the fusion power on flying cars. GM is now preparing to produce the Chevy Volt by this first quarter of this year, reported by official of General Motors.

The cars are being packed with batteries, been developed by the company from a few weeks now. The remaining line of vehicles will put together in chain, and the company will assemble them all quickly in a few months time.

It might be a little slower in the beginning, but the pre-production prototypes will be produced for the initial test drives and for the fleet customers to check the quality evaluation in this year.

In expectation of the forthcoming launch of the car, GM presented a hand-built Volt prototype for its evaluation for the American Le Mans Series race track near the RFK stadium of Washington.

So what is so special about new Chevy Volt?

The cars will be start with a push button, placed on the dash board, that allows a keyless start, it has not something which is difficult to understand for a driver, neither it has any other rocket science that makes the driver to read a user’s manual. It is manufactured and designed on common features and operations. It has the common automatic transmission and its controls.

The Volt stays in electric mode, until the battery is exhausted, where as the today’s hybrid cars immediately fire the gas engine, if the driver floors the pedal. It is installed with a very powerful electric motor which is programmed well enough, not to use all the available power if driver suddenly speed up the car, from a stop, otherwise it can twist the tires of the car.

Photo by Amy Stoddard

Photo by Amy Stoddard

It is built on a very creative mechanism, which is programmed into Volt to bring the garish burn-outs when it will be in your hands.

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