Chrome Comes with Mac Beta Launch

Mac Beta

The new Chrome is going to come with Mac Detailed Status page. Their new website is bringing certain changes that will lead them to Mac OS X Roadmap. They are now teaming up to lock up bugs and rebuilding this new beta release. This is on the verge of launch and bringing the remaining bug notification with ease. There is always going to be Beta versions from Stable or Feature Parity status.

These are going to come under the belt of release with the latest Google announcements coming to take place. It is expected to come over very soon with impending and possible results. The latest news on Mac dev build is all about bringing a new version with with a high potentiality trigger. There are going to be a number of missing features that are going to be replaced soon enough.


The machine is going to installed with some of the greatest automatic updates and are going to bring high class acknowledgement as well. The latest updates show that there will be feature parity with windows or linux. There might be different modes like:

App mode, Bookmark manager, Cookie manager, full screen features, font and language settings, task manager, extensions and page actions, Bookmark Sync, ODF viewing facilities, etc.

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