Chrome for Linux and Mac may take months to release

Google confirms that its Chrome browser will be released for Macs and Linux in the coming summer.

The Chrome browser was quite hit when it was released in September last year and it soon took 1% of the browser market after its launch, however, afterward Firefox kept its growth and Chrome significantly dropped.

Chrome browser has not been released for Mac or Linux OS computers yet, and according to Brain Rakowski, who is Google’s Product Manager at Chrome, the development of Chrome browser for Mac and Linux is at early stages right now.


Rakowsiki told in an interview that thier browser could provide various web pages quite well right now, but when it comes to users experience it is,indeed, very basic.

“Our team has not yet spent a sufficient amount of time in building its features, contrarily, we are still focusing on making it more stable and to get its architecture rights.”

Internet Explorer is still the most popular web browser for those who are using Windows, but the gap in web browser market is being narrowed by Firefox. Similarly, there is a considerable increase in the number of Apple’s Opera and Safari browsers.

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