Apple iPadThere was a post about how netbooks using Chrome OS and the iPad were on a clash route. Some people were thinking that the Chrome OS was developed to use in a more computer traditional manner to be configured in laptops and netbooks, where as iPad is only a touch screen device. There is now a new video launched by the Chromium Project, which changes the earlier concept and according to that, it can really compete well with the iPad touch screen system.

At this moment it is just a conceptual video or an idea to build Chrome OS to design in this way in the future. And it is not something that Chromium OS is from an open source, and it has just been made by some lay persons. Whereas it is Glen Murphy who created it, an official working at Google on the Chrome OS Project.

The new tablet in the video is bigger in size than of iPad, but don’t move out, even Apple is making a bigger tablet too. And it is of no use that Google’s concept video was uploaded online only two days earlier than the iPad was revealed.

To know more about what Google is planning to do with these tablets, Watch the video or check the uploaded picture galleries.

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