Clipboard Windows 11

 In this post, friends, let's take a look at how Windows 11 has transformed the native clipboard. It appeared in Windows in 2018 during the introduction of one of the functional updates of Windows 10. It is the simplest medium for accessing copied data - text and images. Provided the operating system uses a Microsoft account, the clipboard becomes cloud-based, and its contents are synchronized with other computer devices that also use a Microsoft account. In Windows 11, the in-house clipboard has gotten a little better: it has got the inherent design and new features of the operating system. Let's take a look at the new clipboard features in Windows 11

Windows 11 Clipboard

windows 11 clipboard

So, friends, the Windows system cloud clipboard. It appeared in Windows 10 version 1803. Is a primitive operating system clipboard interface in a small unadjustable box and provides basic capabilities to access the copied content. It is called by pressing Win+V. Windows 11 inherited the clipboard from Windows 10 and made a slight improvement. As in Windows 10, in Windows 11 the buffer is initially disabled, and the first time you press Win+V, you must enable it. Only then will it start saving the copied data.

In Windows 11, the clipboard is incredibly beautiful: it has rounded corners in the style of the operating system itself, and a Mica mica effect has been applied to the background. The buffer background changes depending on the selected system or dark theme and desktop wallpaper.

The Windows 11 clipboard has redesigned the data handling functions: instead of labels, we are offered buttons. In Windows 10, the clipboard not only looks more inconspicuous, but also has fewer functions. In Windows 11, in addition to fixing and deleting items, it got the function of inserting text without formatting.

But most importantly, the Windows 11 clipboard has expanded to include emoji, gifs, kaomoji, and symbols.


Emoji and clipboard characters are an emoji panel integrated into the clipboard, called with the Win + ; or Win + . (dot or semicolon in English layout). In Windows 10, this panel is separate from the buffer. Emoji themselves in Windows 11 are significantly improved, they are added gifs, which are not in Windows 10, for the emoji and gifok implemented search.

A section of the most recently used emoji and symbols has been added. The list of special characters compared to Windows 10 has been seriously expanded. The list of characters includes brackets, punctuation, mathematical and geometric symbols, metric and currency signs, and Latin alphabets.  The choice of characters in the clipboard is so great that this system feature can be safely considered as an alternative to the classic Windows system character table or the symbol insertion function in individual programs such as word processors. You can switch to the desired symbol category at the top. When working with the same symbols you can use them in the block of recent symbols.

Nothing has changed in the system clipboard settings. As in Windows 10, in Windows 11, the buffer settings are implemented in the system app "Options" on the path "System → Clipboard". Here is a button to enable/disable the buffer, a link to connect a Microsoft account to synchronize the contents of the buffer with other computer devices, the buffer clearing function.

Finally, friends, about buffer data synchronization with mobile devices. The system clipboard is synchronized only for Windows 10 and 11 computer devices. Synchronization of the contents of the clipboard with mobile Android devices is implemented as part of the work of the system application "Your Phone". But so far it has only been implemented for selected Android devices - Surface Duo, the brainchild of Microsoft itself and Samsung devices with the One UI version 2.1. For more details, see the article "New features in the "Your Phone" application of Windows 10 and 11".



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