Cloud Computing Companies Stocks

The cloud computing phenomenon may have confused you. Cyberspace users can tap into large internet companies' computing services, servers and other resources to perform tasks that would otherwise consume hard drive space and memory on their computers. A "cloud" is essentially a cyberspace storage area, software, and files, which are accessible by a computer whenever and wherever one needs them. Rather than being stored on your computer, cloud data is out there "in the cloud". Cloud computing charges you based on what you use, just as electricity is charged based on what you use. Software and applications that would otherwise be too expensive to purchase and install on your computer are accessed through this method.

The best stocks to invest in when it comes to cloud computing
F5 Network,, VMware, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft are just a few of the major companies expanding into cloud computing. Since quite some time, these companies have targeted cloud computing growth. With the help of smaller companies and each other, they will boost their cloud capacity and provide access to everyone. This growth will lead to tremendous share price growth in the long run. Essentially, these are companies operating as utilities, selling cloud computing services.

In addition to the ARX Cloud Extender and Open Storage Management that is called API iControl, F5 Networks has released its ARX Virtual Edition and ARX Cloud Extender. Users will be able to access program resources with 24/7 access with these features. Users will be able to store and manage files automatically with increased speed.

The second cloud computing company listed on the stock market is Salesforce. Salesforce realized that buying expensive software for family computers and business computers was not the best approach to meeting their computing needs. It was envisioned that, instead, large internet companies would provide access to their software resources, so that software costs would cease to exist. It would be possible to access these programs from the "cloud", or cyberspace of large companies like Salesforce, with no interruptions and seamless connectivity that could be paid for. Salesforce is now experiencing share price gains that are even greater than those seen by Google due to its rapid adoption of the cloud concept. In the world of cloud computing stocks, Salesforce is indeed a new force to be reckoned with.

Another contender for gains of cloud computing companies stocks is VMware. VMware presented its Virtual Data Center Operating System,”VDC-OS” in early 2009, via increased computer banks linked in a network that lets computer users hook into their software and storage resources instead of paying for hard drive installed programs. VMware’s CEO, has created what an ecosystem of storage and software functionality for users to access. The company’s 2009 performance alone outshone the broader market in the midst of the financial crisis.

Google, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft are not about to let the smaller guys like F5 Network, Salesforce, and VMware to keep the edge in the cloud computing world for very long. As share prices of these up and comers have soared, Google and Microsoft have finalized cloud computing deals with the General Services Administration and the Department of Agriculture, respectively. These two agreements now allow all the employees of these two governmental agencies to use the clouds created by Google and Microsoft. With these new contracts, investors can expect to see the share prices of these cloud computing companies stocks to climb in the coming years. Amazon and Oracle too have some interesting prospects: Amazon had launched its Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Oracle had also teamed with Amazon to infuse its software resources into Amazon’s cloud. With continued associations like this, these cloud computing companies stocks filling the sky with clouds will rain down profits for investors in cloud computing stocks. So what’s next, computing heaven?

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