Now you can watch your leaders answer not only on TV channel but also live watch the Answer your questions on your computer internet in way of CNN/YouTube climate Debate. In CNN/YouTube Climate Debate show you can solve your problems with questioning to the leader and get the right anwer of your question. There are thousands of questions received from all over the world to CNN/YouTube Climate Debate show. To answering these question the YouTube mange the leader show.

Today, the YouTube mange the panel of world climate leaders for answer of the questions that was receives from all over the world. The panel interview also contains the former U.N Secretary General Kofi Annan and also journalist Thomas Friedman which gives right answer of the questions those were receive by the YouTube Climate Debate show. This show also shows on the CNN which is international show.

If you want to send your question to the CNN/YouTube Climate Debate Channel and you have not get the chance to question and also wait to raise the voice of your question. I encourage you to join the Twitter during the debate through the CNN/YouTube Climate Debate Channel. In this Debate, you can watch your issues to address with high level answering.