Concept mobiles just like concept cars are parts of the new era of evolving technology that brings more design and appeal to the form and functioning rather than just serving the basics of purpose. The concept mobiles and cars come with specific designs and innovative technology, sometimes following a certain theme or pattern while other times delving on a specific structure of design or theme. Gadget concepts and new working themes with extraordinary developments with fresh, new gadget works seem to be some of the very interesting core features with which these extraordinary developments and inventions can be worked.

Lotus Evora Carbon Concept Car is a Hybrid car which is an example of this incredible advancement. The EarlyAdopter Radio Concept, the Touch and Go navigation concept, Coroflot Aqua Lounge Concept cars and models are some of the very extraordinary developments that have been created through the concept cars. The Lotus Evora or Culart Concept cell phone or the FunChat cell phone features make way for new waves in terms of new welcoming in technology. RC4 ATV Concept Car or the Porsche 918 make for incredible new developments that are mind blowing and flow smoothly with the new age of bringing environmental balance with less use of energy.

The FunChat cell phone, for instance is a new concept that make for internet calls as well as regular calls to take place within a very interactive atmosphere. The EarlyAdopter Radio Concept is also a new opportunity to bring in controls in various aspects of the radio by removing the chromed bards. The Korean company which brought these new features in play helps in with a brand new experience that one might like to have with the radio.