Coolpix P6000: ‘Nikon’s first GPS integrated camera

To make its powerful Coolpix range more powerful, Nikon uncovers some new gadgets this week. Coolpix P6000 is the latest that holds somewhat ostentatious tag of ‘Nikon’s first GPS integrated camera.’

GPS on a camera, but why? Well, this technology allows you to geo-tag your shots without going into the EXIF data and you can write manually where and when you took your stills. After getting them geo-tagged the images can be added to Nikon’s well-known ‘my Picturetown’ that shows the exact locations of these images.



With its 13.5 megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom and 28-112mm Nikkor lens, the camera is good enough on image quality. You can capture the images at optimum quality as the camera supports RAW.



You can easily transfer images to your computer with the Coolpix P6000’s integrated ethernet connection.
To decrease image blur, this P6000 includes three functions: High-Performance Lens-shift, Vibration Reduction (VR) and Nikon’s Best-Shot Selector that helps you to take 10 sequential and saves the sharpest image automatically.



The Coolpix 6600 is coming with a strap, a rechargeable battery, AC adapter, USB and video/audio cables. With a £429 price tag, this Coolpix P6000 will be available in September.


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