Have you fed up by finding Blackberry Pearl 8110 review every now and then? Here is some good news as CrackBerry succeeds to have a “quite early” peek of the device 8220 version that pursues typical naming convention of RIM’s that packs WiFi contrarily the 8210 to hold the GPS sort of things and the overall outlook also suggests that a lot of homework has been done by R&D team to form quick impressions.




The phone is not excessively large but its SureType keyboard is quite large and somewhat easy to use but the trackball seems resting deeper and that’s what makes it somewhat trickier to operate. QVGA display isn’t bold enough in quality and with 3.5mm headphone jack it’s often difficult to bicker with.



It’s really been announced, it’s a 3G and dropping within the traditional BlackBerry are those three reasons that make the Bold to steal a majority of RIM’s spotlight now. Though it’s still lurking in the shadows, RIM’s first flip phone is the KickStart. And we can say about this device it may make a huge splash if the launch is managed to the sub-$50 price spot. And that’s what rounding on the rumor circuit.

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