CubeTree to launch its enterprise collaboration suite for public tomorrow

The signs of maturity can be easily seen in almost all of these social networks and they seem to offer some really practical systems for the management of information. It can be seen on Facebook, Friend as well as on Twitter. Essential information with social graph has proved quite effective and perhaps that’s why CubeTree is looking for porting this idea into the business world.

CubeTree is going to launch its new collaboration enterprise suite tomorrow and it looks like the thing you might have already seen in Facebook and FreindFeed or to be more exact, it looks like a cross between FriendFeed and Facebook.

This similarity seems a part of the idea that has been designed to make it workable on enterprise level.
Just like other social networking sites, you will find two main CubeTree components: For the feed and for the Profile.

However, in their feed you will be able to find updates regarding everyone included in the social graph and you will also find updates of the co-workers. The nicest thing is that you can get all that on your page profile. It emphasizes on documents and information instead of page profile.

Carlin Weigner, the co-founder and CEO of the company gave some walk-through of his new product and it definitely looks quite impressive not only in its scope, but also in its feel. It seems to take the best part of social networking.

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