Many experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos have show concerns regarding increasing threats of cybercrime. These experts have urged to the need to develop some new systems to handle various organized gangs of cybercrimnals.

These experts revealed that people have to deprive of $1 trillion because of increasing cases of online theft. The number of such crimes is on increase and majority of people do not know how they can protect themselves.

The internet is not quite immune to such sort of attacks as can threaten many great economies of the world.

During the past few months, more and more cybercrimes have been noted and the internet has more vulnerabilities than ever before. There are plenty of malicious software around there were never in such great numbers as they are right now.

Is it really putting internet on the higher risk? This was the topic at the annual meeting in Davos.

Mozilla Chairperson Mitchell Baker, McAfee chief executive Dave Dewalt and Harvard law professor Jonthan Zitthrain were in the panel who discussed that issue.

Microsoft’s chief research officer Craig Mundie also joined that panel to discuss the serious threat of cybercrimes in many parts of the world.