Dell announces Mini 10v Netbook arrival

Well, if you are one that have been waiting for it for quite sometime, now it’s time to you to be pleased, as the time of Dell’s Mini 10v netbook arrival is near and you can buy it from their website too.

This new Mini netbooks series will be available in an array of colours including Jade Green, Cherry Red, and Ice Blue etc and for storage you will find options from 1GB to 160GB.

Bluetooth connectivity, built-in webcam and XP and Unbuntu OS options are some other included features of it.

The nicest thing however is the price of this compact computer that starts from £199 and it seems that Dell wants to do something for them who are on budget in these recession stricken days.

It doesn’t end on just small netbooks, as Dell has also uncovered its Inspiron 15 laptop that has 15” HD display with DVD burner and a really spacious hard drive.

 Mini 10v Netbook

The Inspiron 15 will also available in a wide range of colors and that include Alpine White, Pacific Blue and Flamingo Pink. The Inspiron 15 is available in £299 with standard options.

Most of the computer makers seem to restrict their desktops lines, but Dell seems quite loyal to this line and has updated this range once again and this time with Inspiron 545 that is quite perfect for email with its slim and mini-tower body.

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