dell_logoYou would definitely like to add like the Adamo in your must have list if you prefer to elegance, stylishness and high quality performance when it comes to pick your gadgets.

The Admao really makes you fall in love with its chic slimness and impressive features.  It was at CES when Dell first offered some glimpses of this world’s slimmest mobile phone.

The Adamo is a flagship product of the line that has been developed to fill some real charm in personal computing. No doubt, it is a real evidence of Dell’s innovation, craftsmanship and unique dexterity.

You would find loads of impressive features, chic designing and eye opening innovation in its every look.

It has a nice looking high-def glass display, one piece aluminum chassis, a sturdy 128GB SSD, 2GB RAM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi , optional mobile broadband, Intel X4500 graphics and last but not the least a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo U9300 processor. It can serve your every need if you are quite conscious about design and performance.


It will set you back in just $1999 with a wide range of accessories and in Onyx and Pearl color choices.

Dell’s senior vice president Alex Gruzen says about the Adamo, “You would find its sleek and catchy design quite timeless and it will definitely attract you whenever you are out to buy some elegant gadgetry, as it’s a great demonstration of Dell’s commitment to its users to provide them devices with loads of style and nice features.”

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