dellThe manual for Dell Latitude XT2 tablet PC has been officially announced. Dell Latitude specifies 11 hours battery time. Most of the details are given by Korean site AVING, in Korean language.

The specification details are as:
The video card has been left out instead the Latitude has DDR3, eSATA X4500 graphics.

It has a RAM of 5GB. With 1.8” SATA, 34mm Express Card, which was previously Express Card 54. There is one USB port with chargeable capability of USB device.

With the pictures in themanual we can see the antenna bump on the top right of the display screen panel. The antenna is WWAN enabled, and is available only in such systems. If the system is not having an antenna, it will have a Grip on the top of the display.


The user can select between WLAN and WWAN as Latex XT2 do not support

Processor specifications are: processor type is Intel Core 2 Duo ULV, L2 cache is 3 MB with 800 MHz external bus frequency. Intel SFF System chipset, Data bus width is 64 bits, Dual-channel (2) 64-bit buses width, 36 bits is the Processor address bus width. The Flash EPROM is 4 MB with 32 bits PCI bus.


The memory specifications are as: one user-accessible SODIMM socket, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB Memory module capacities, DDR3 SODIMM memory type, 1 GB onboard minimum memory and 5 GB capable requires 64-bit Windows Vista operating system maximum memory.


With so many features, like audio IEEE, E-dock, Mini-card, Network adapter, USB, Video and wireless, it is a handful of workable accessories.

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