Dell diminutive range gets sat nave capabilities

Dell is going to add some more spice in its well known Mini 10 netbook range, as the new range will also feature optional GPS capabilities quite soon.

This new chip will be added in the small lappies form first that will also bring A-GPS as well. The new options will definitely succeed to create a true expression with the Dell Wireless 700 location solution.

With the CoPilot software, the netbook could be used as sat nav if you want it to.

It is not quite sure how logistics would work in it, but it is quite certain that the laptop to house CoPilot satellite navigation software.

The card will also bring built-in Wi-Fi location that will work indoors as well as outdoors and the thing that provides juice for it Skybook Wireless’ Wi-Fi position solutions.

This Mini 10 will be first product from Dell that will be available with the GPS solution, but according to the company the same features will also be added in some other parts of the computer range.

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