Dell’s Android phone has finally arrived and is expected to take the market in a storm. Some anticipated buyers are really looking forward to it while others are barely shrugging their head or raising eye brows.

Dell’s much ventured smarphone is now here after having been officially released in China. China Mobile Application Platform was the first company to officially host this phone’s release. In the last few weeks the virtues of the phone have spread worldwide and now it is going to arrive in the US within a few weeks’ time.


The phone is being called the Mini 3i. It is distinctively unique in its stature and application. This is no 3G but comes with a 3MP camera. It does not have WiFi but a microSD slot that comes with a 950mAH battery.


 SCredit: engadget


This system happens to be more powerful than most 3G or WiFi. This is also a slimmer as well as a sleeker version of the Mini 3i that brings its great qualities.

Source: techradar