Dell’s netbook will have Ubuntu ‘remix’ edition.

There were reports that Dell would release its Mini Inspiron netbook on Friday, but according to some new reports it is not confirmed yet.

An interesting thing that leaked out from Mini Inspirion technical specs was that the customers would be free to choose between an open source Ubuntu version and Windows XP-based version.

Graham Morrison, who is Linux Format reviewer, says in this connection, “At the recent Linux World event, we have known about the company behind Ubuntu. It indirectly referred to a big announcement that tied Ubuntu to the coming netbook and we have been waiting for that news for quite long time.”

Morrison further adds, “The interesting part of the story is that the version of Ubuntu with the Dell machines will be the new ‘Netbook Remix’ edition.”

“This new version of Ubuntu is the best for the Atom processor and it has a new big-button interface very similar to those found in the Aspire One and EeePc.”

“The coming Dell machine would provide us an opportunity to note what Canonical has been doing during all summer, and it would certainly cast a considerable impact on the netbook market.”

Let see when Dell’s confirms the coming Eee killer, of course, the matter has become quite interesting.



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